Caseload halls

«CyclingOlympicTrainingCenter»RSE provides services for sports organizations and citizens.Hereinafter you can find information about the workload of the velodrome sports halls and sections.

Name of hall and sections

Numberofsportingpeopleper day (on average)

Numberofsportingpeopleper month on average)

Taekwondosection (martial arts hall)



“Zhuldyz” Rhythmic gymnastics Center NGO(gymnastics hall)


2 800

Mini football pitch (playing court)



Cycling: Cycling Olympic Training Center, DSNTSR, SCYSSOR № 6 (velodrome track)



 «NSF»NGO, DSNTSR on winter sports: short track (ice rink)



«Astana» PPSC BC(basketball court)



Fitness center




During 2011-2016 yearsoneofthebestvenuesoftheworldattractedcapitalcitizensandguestsforthegreateventsas:

  • VTB League Games
  • VII Winter Asian Games
  • I Stage of the Track World Cup on cycling
  • Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • «Zhuldyz Cup2» International tournaments on rhythmic gymnastics
  • International tournament on ММА Bushido FC Vol. 51 mixed martial arts for the Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakhstan Republic Championships and republican competitions on cycling
  • “Kazakhstan Barysy” annual tournament on Kazakh wrestling
  • «Astana Arlans»
  • Asian Championship on wrestling among men and women
  • Asian Cycling Championship on track and road
  • «AltynSapa» Presidential Award
  • Gala concerts dedicated to Astana day
  • 1 December the Day of the First President
  • The ceremony of recognition and receiving of «EXPO-2017» international specialized exhibition flag
  • “Grand Prix” on judo tournament among men and women
  • SuperDisco concert
  • Junior World Cycling Championship
  • Breakthrough of the year concert
  • AssemblyofKazakhstanNationsethnoculturalunions Festival
  • KazakhstanRepublicChampionshipsandrepublicancompetitionsonshorttrack
  • competitiononswimmingamongchildrennamed «Sportismylife»
  • Tournamentsamongpeoplewithspecial need
  • Grand Prix on cycling among preschool age children for the prizes of Cycling Olympic Training Center named “Olympic Hope”
  • Tournament on «Assykatu» and «Togyzkumalak», in celebration of 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Nationalbasketballleaguegames
  • «Kazakhstan is a sports country!» tournament among the primary party organizations for the Cup of “Birlik” branch’s Chairman.
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