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Enver Turkeleri: «I have always believed in these athletes»

In London, we were able to talk with a coach and consultant of our weightlifting team. After the third victory of our weightlifter at the Olympic tournament besides the Chairman of Agency of RK of Sports and Physical training affairs Talgat Ermegiyaev, president of the Weightlifting Federation Kairat Turlyhanov, head coach Aleksey Ni and heroine of the day Svetlana Podobedova to the Kazakhstan Press Club also came coach and consultant of the national team Enver Turkeleri. He didn’t attend previous meetings, and so we have a lot of questions to ask the Turkish expert.

— Mr. Turkeleri, in winter you told that in London our «strong men» would win three gold medals without fail…

— Because I was sure of it. I have prepared weightlifters for the fifth or the sixth Olympiads, brought up a lot of holders of gold medals, including three-time champion Naim Suleymanoglu. And I was also a member of leadership staff for the preparation of Kazakhstan’s team to London. I was aware of all the wards, and therefore was very categorical: we’ll take three gold medals — at least! Promised and fulfilled.

— Today, during the competition with Svetlana Podobedova was the situation unsafe, or she could add more in clean and jerk?

— Svetlana is the third athlete in my life who at the highest competition can fully reveal her potential. I really appreciate these athletes. After Naim Suleymanoglu and Halil Mutlu Svetlana Podobedova is the third unique athlete in my practice.

You didn’t come to meetings with journalists and fans after winning of Zulfiya Chinshanlo and  Maya Maneza, and now you are ready to answer all our questions …

— It’s just my last day in London.

— Well, then your experience of our victories.

— I have been working in Kazakhstan for eight years, fell in love with your country with all my heart, I consider it my second home. And very happy that we were able to perform so well at the Olympics in London. To win here was not easy; it’s not the World Cup and Asian Games.

I’d like to congratulate our women weightlifters that during the last six months in Taldykorgan and Tekeli have done just a great job. Every day, they had three workouts from ten in the morning until midnight. So their success in London is not accidental, it has come with hard work, thanks to the great discipline of athletes, their will and character.

I am glad that there are sports leaders in Kazakhstan, who have helped the weightlifting team a lot. They are representatives of the Agency of RK of Sports and Tourism Talgat Ermegiyaev and Elsiyar Kanagatov, Republican Federation of Weightlifting, headed by Kairat Turlyhanov, always close to us was presented here Anatoly Kulnazarov … many thanks to all of them, as well as to coaches with whom I’ve worked on during these eight years: Batyrbek Ozdoev, Vilori Pak, Sergei Shevchenko, and many others.

I am sure that tomorrow (conversation took place the day before), after the performance of Ilya Ilyin, you will have another opportunity to meet and discuss, I hope, winning moments of a new interesting struggle. I wish every success to all athletes of Kazakhstan, who came to the Olympics to defend the sporting honor of their country.


Author: Yuri Lifintsev

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