Kazakhstan is my Motherland — speed skater Darsil Essamombo

ASTANA. KAZINFORM — Everyone who follows the world of speed skating knows Darsil Essamombo. He did great at the World Junior Speed Skating Championships and now many experts say that he is a very promising Kazakhstani athlete.

You are probably wondering what this African guy is doing in Kazakhstan. Well, Darsil was originally born in Congo, but he is Kazakh. Surprised? In an exclusive interview with Kazinform correspondent Darsil reveals how he ended up in Kazakhstan, how he got into speed skating and why he considers himself Kazakh.

— Darsil, please tell us how you got into speed skating?

— I got into sport at a very young age. I started playing tennis before I went to school. But in the 6th grade I switched to speed skating. I remember winning the Kazakhstan’s [speed skating] championship in my age group that winter. I spent all of my free time speed skating. I was also fond of playing piano, drawing, and reading.

— Did the fact that you won ‘gold’ at the World Junior Speed Skating Championships change you somehow? 

— Yes, I won two gold medals at the championships, but the success didn’t get to my head. On the contrary, I want to achieve more.

— What do you think about the development of speed skating in Kazakhstan, its problems and achievements?

— A lot is being done to develop all types of sport in our country, including speed skating. For instance, I’ve been to many ice arenas in the world and I can honestly say that the Alau complex in Astana is one the best. Of course, I also love the Medeu skating rink in Almaty. A new ice arena is being constructed in Almaty for the upcoming 2017 Winter University Games.

At the same time, I believe Kazakhstan needs to improve training of professional speed skaters, develop its infrastructure. I would love to see speed skating becoming mega popular in Kazakhstan. As an athlete, I will try to make my own contribution to its development. At the moment, we are training for the Universiade.

— In one of your interviews you said «I’m Kazakh, period!» Can you explain why?

— I was asked whether I considered playing under the colors of other countries. I was born in Congo, but I grew up and developed as a professional athlete in Kazakhstan. That is why Kazakhstan is my Motherland and that is all I’m going to say.

— How did you learn Kazakh?

— I believe that every person should know the language his/her mother speaks. My mother is Kazakh and she taught me French, Russian and English, but she paid utmost attention to the Kazakh language.

— Tell us about your family.

— I have a mother, an older sister and a younger brother. When I was three, the war erupted in Congo. Since my mother was the national of Kazakhstan, we were transported here. Unfortunately, we lost all contacts with my father. My brother was an athlete, too. But he had to give up sports in order to concentrate on his university degree. My mother works at the Kazakh National University.

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